About us - The extraordinary mobile grandstand system for temporary seating
ContribSystems is an Austrian enterprise, located near Vienna, specialising in the production and distribution of mobile container grandstands and roofing.

ContribSystems brought to life and patented the concept of a transportable spectator grandstand with extendable ranks made of galvanized steel and aluminium, now known as the SEATBOX.

This telescopic riser system, build in steps, saves time for assembling and disassembling and can be used for any individual event, indoor and outdoor. The seatbox has many advantages over conventional grandstand construction. The greatest advantage of the seatbox is the minimal time and manpower needed to assemble anddismantle each unit. For example, a spectator grandstand comprising 6-row containers and approximately 700 seats can be assembled by three workers in only 4-5 hours and disassembled in only 3-4 hours.

When diassembled the seatbox is extremely compact. All grips, extendable layers, seats and railings store neatly in the container which acts as the support for the assembled grandstand. The container system also makes the seatbox extremely mobile.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information or a quotation for your requirements.